Thursday, 24 November 2011


Its always happen to me when i fell in love with someone.. everytime i become closer with the person i fell like he was someone that life for me.. i share my things with him.. anything like my problem, my feeling and sometimes  i share about my life.. but why?? everytime i start to get the boys someone will stole the boy from me.. i feel really sad + dissapointed + hurt.. i crying everytime when this things happen to me.. My heart was broken.. i just can cry without stop.. i ask to myself.. why this things happen to me???       I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.. i don't wants to show to my friends i'm sad.. i just want my friends know i'm a 'HAPPY PERSON' hehehehe.. i just wants to keep the pain in my heart.. hahahaha..

*** sori la kalo grammar aq tunggang terbalik.. aq just nk try improve grammar aq je..

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